CEO and Founder

Aaron brings 10+ years of business growth and transformation experience across several industries and countries. He previously served as Client Service Director on the consulting arm of a NYSE listed resourcing firm, where built and managed relationships with C-Level stakeholders by advising them on Digitization, Process Automation, and Change Management. He also served as VP of Corporate Development at a transnational manufacturing firm, where he was responsible for 2 disruptive new product launches, engineering a new business segment, and building several strategic upstream and downstream partnerships. He holds an MBA from the University of Warwick with specializations in Venture Creation and Strategy + Ops. Aaron is deeply passionate about analyzing market and technology trends to identify areas of opportunity, and bringing together the people, processes, and partnerships needed to monetize them.

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Anush brings 5+ years of experience primarily in the realm of finance, supply-chain, and technology. He has worked with several high profile companies across 3 countries, gaining extensive experience in e-commerce fulfillment and delivery, financial planning, and budgeting and analysis. He has a background in electrical engineering in addition to his MBA from UBC's Sauder Business School with a specialization in Financial Planning & Analysis. Anush is deeply passionate about using data to tell stories, enabling him to align business processes with strategic goals.

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Adam brings 5+ years of experience managing large capital industrial automation projects across 3 countries. He currently works at the management level at a publicly listed manufacturing firm where he developed standard operating procedures and protocol in line with industry regulations. He holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, and a MSc in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick with specializations in Process Innovation and New Product Development. He is deeply passionate about Technology and AI, and brings deep expertise in new process re-engineering and optimization, and value chain analysis.